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"I had been working on my novel for many years when I  was told by my former editor that I needed a fresh pair of eyes. After contacting several people that she recommended and being told they wouldn't or couldn't take me on as a client, I found Sarah. Immediately, just while speaking to her on the phone, it seemed that she intuitively grasped what it was I was struggling with. Instead of having me send her a small sample of my work, she read my entire manuscript in order to give me an editorial overview. She was the only editor who did this! It was enormously helpful for me, as she was able to not only look at the manuscript in its entirety but she also was able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong with it. Sarah very clearly and specifically told me what was working and what it was that I needed to fix. I don't know what I would have done without her, and I look forward to continuing to work with her."

Linda Tzoref

Virtual Client

"I hired Sarah for a consultation to help spur on my writing. I found her to be professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. It is clear that she has put in the work to develop herself as a writer, and she is able to offer valuable insight to beginning and seasoned writers. She has deep experience in many areas: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, ghost writing, tech writing, publishing, and editing. It is inspiring to work with someone who has been successful at making writing her life's work."

Julie Teague


"When I finished the rough draft of my very first novel, the first thing I wanted to do was get the opinion of a professional to steer me in the right direction. Sarah not only provided me with those directions, but also provided valuable insight into the world that I was just entering. With her help, I was able to craft my story into something bigger and better, and now I have over fifty reviews on Amazon!  Thank you so very much, Sarah!"

Patrick Hodges

"Sarah has worked with our firm for more than three years. During that time, she has provided well-researched, conversational legal blogs and news articles that engaged our target audience and landed us new clients. She is easy to work with and always available to meet a tight deadline!”

Jessica Hamlin


"Sarah is an outstanding editor; she has an understanding of the English language that few people can match. Her experience in editing for clarity, grammar, word choice and accuracy, among many others, made the work much easier. She excels in creativity and writing as well. And, on top of it all, she's a joy to have around."

Aaron Monteabaro

New York, New York

"Meeting Sarah was a serendipitous event for me. I had a manuscript that was going nowhere. She gave advice on structure and content of the manuscript, led me through options for being published, edited the manuscript, and gave advice along the journey such as book blurb, cover design, website, etc. Thanks to Sarah, I now have a published book selling on Amazon."

David Young

"Sarah has worked with my company as a contract writer for over a year. During that time she's worked with many of our clients, personally interviewing them and writing copy for their websites. She allows us to operate very efficiently because she provides an excellent final product and requires minimal guidance. Nearly all of our clients provide unsolicited positive feedback after working with Sarah, so we couldn't be happier. Sarah is enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, and listens to our clients while firmly presenting her points of view and opinions."

Brendan Chard

"Her edits were insightful and dramatically improved the message and the readability. I enjoyed working with her, and I highly recommend her as an editor."

Aman Bandali

Austin, Texas

"Sarah is an excellent and dependable editor with a superior command of language and grammar. She gracefully accommodates varied writing styles and abilities, ensuring the writer's voice creates a lasting, positive impact. I trust her for all phases of a book's production."

Caroline A. Shearer

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