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Tuesday Tip from the Editor: Your Author Platform Is As Important As Your Book

Most writers hate marketing. We don't like promotions. We hate cold calling and networking, and most of us find our author bios to be the hardest things we've ever written. In short, we're not salespeople. But, in today's world, if you want to sell your book, you're going to have to change that.

It doesn't matter what your plans and hopes and dreams for publication are. Regardless of whether you want to publish traditionally through a big-name house or self-publish on Amazon, you're going to need a marketing strategy. You're going to need a platform. These days, no publisher will (and no reader can) touch you without one. Unclear where to start? Dig in to these articles, blogs, and how-to tips from industry experts: When Is It Time to Start Building an Author Platform Why You Need an Author Platform and How to Get One Build Your Author Platform in 10 Hours a Week 46 Top Websites to Promote Your Book for Free 21 Platform Building Insights from Authors and Experts Who Excel at It 11 Author Website Must Haves Want more? Subscribe to the blog or join my mailing list.

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