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The Migraine Chronicles ... Awards and Updates

My migraine blog, The Migraine Chronicles, recently received an award for being one of the "Top 50 Migraine Blogs & Websites on the Web." (, which I also write for, was ranked number one.)

Awards like these always mean so much to me because they remind me that my words matter to people. That what I'm writing about, and experiencing, helps other people know they aren't alone and offers information they might not have otherwise obtained easily. (This is also one of the many reasons I love receiving emails from readers.)

If you're one of my readers who lives with migraine disease or another chronic illness, please check out my recently redesigned migraine blog. I don't write about migraine here often, preferring to use this blog for other matters, but I am still writing on this topic. A few recent posts:

So drop by and check it out! I'd love to learn more about those of you who live with chronic illness.

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